Inland Empire Gourmet Food Trucks

Our mission is to bring full time, IE-based Food Trucks to the IE so that these food trucks sell locally, buy their food and supplies locally, and hire locally. We promise to work as hard and as long as necessary so that our Food Trucks operate profitably and professionally.

IE Gourmet Food Trucks is no longer organizing or coordinating Food Truck events. However, please email us if you need Food Trucks for an event. We will be happy to forward you contact information so you can contact your desired Food Trucks directly!

If you are a current or future Food Truck owner or operator, we are not currently affiliated with any commissaries directly but may be able to suggest options for you.

Please send all email inquiries directly to:
Keith Kahn or call (909) 307-9586 and leave a message on our automated answering system. If we are not available to answer, your phone call will be forwarded to my cell phone. Please be sure to leave a message along with your contact information.