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Food Trucks require a minimum guarantee of $750.00-$2,000.00, depending on the specific Food Truck.

Most Food Trucks are currently located in Orange County or LA County so they require a minimum sales amount to do a catering or private event.  If the event is open to the public, the Food Truck will want to be sure that there will be enough people at the event to generate their minimum sales.

Yes! We work with over 25 gourmet food trucks that are able to provide almost any type of cuisine you would like including gourmet burgers, sausages/hot dogs/brats, BBQ, gourmet grilled sandwiches, authentic Mexican food, authentic French Crepes, Asian cuisine, Latin/Asian Fusion, and more as well all types of desserts (gourmet cupcakes, premium ice cream, funnel cakes, fresh baked mini donuts, and more)!

Also, Food Trucks usually require a minimum guarantee of $750.00-$2,000 per catering event.

Yes and No. Food Trucks are not allowed in either county yet on a daily basis. However, they will allowed in San Bernardino County by June, 2012 under the new “Food Truck Event” guidelines.

The Riverside County Board of Supervisors voted on Tuesday, 12/10/13 to lift the restriction against Food Trucks within the county. They will continue to work on the details of the Food Truck program and the new guidelines should allow daily Food Truck activity by 2018. Each individual city within Riverside County must also enact their own Food Truck guidelines as well. They can mirror the Riv. County guidelines or make them stricter if they choose.

However, in the meantime, Food Trucks will still be allowed for Community and Special Events, Fundraising events, and private catering events.

We certainly hope San Bernardino County takes note of the new Riverside County Food Truck guidelines and makes the appropriate changes to allow daily Food Truck activity in San Bernardino County as well.

Yes and No. If you are planning an event and are paying for all of the food in advance, you can have a Food Truck at your business (minimum order requirements will be from $750.00-$2,000.00 depending on the specific Food Truck).

However, if you just want a Food Truck to come by and sell food to the public, that is not yet allowed in San Bernardino or Riverside County.

They were either part of a Community/Special Event or were there for a fundraising event.

If your event is for the benefit of a charity, ministry, or non-profit entity, Food Trucks are generally allowed.  Contact the San Bernardino County (909-387-4608) or Riverside County (951-273-9140) Health Department to find out if your event can be approved.

IE Gourmet Food Trucks books Food Trucks for public and private events.  Please email us at info@iegourmetfoodtrucks.com regarding your event and we will send you the information you are requesting.  We specialize in organizing large events requiring multiple food trucks.

IE Gourmet Food Trucks organizes and promotes Food Truck events.  One of the provisions for the new “Food Truck Event” guidelines will require someone to be designated as “Event Organizer”.  IE Gourmet Food Trucks will provide and Event Organizer to ensure that all participating Food Trucks are properly permitted and following the County and event guidelines.

No. You can look up almost any Food Truck on the internet and contact them directly.

However, by going through IE Gourmet Food Trucks, you can be assured that the Food Trucks will be properly licensed and permitted.  And, we will do our very best to make sure that any Food Truck we book is on time for your event.

Not yet. Once the new Food Truck Event guidelines are released and implemented, we will know the exact requirements for Inland Empire Food Trucks.

You can also contact any of the following companies for specific Food Truck information:
Mobi Munch – www.mobimunch.com
Roaming Hungers – www.roaminghunger.com
Armenco Mfg. – www.cateringtruck.com

However, please keep in mind that these Food Truck manufacturers are currently receiving thousands of emails each month regarding Food Trucks so they may not respond to you quickly.

Since we are not currently affiliated with a commissary, we do not offer access to a commercial kitchen for food truck operators or outside caterers.